Write Less.

Grow More.

Copywriting + marketing strategy that accelerates your business growth.

“Want to free up more time to focus on growing your business? Let’s make it happen.”

Your potential customers are on a journey up the mountain of decisions. There is some need or want they are trying to fulfill. And that’s why they are considering your service or product. They want to know if and how your business can help them get there.

But there are many decisions to make along the way. You may have already achieved product/market fit. You may have mapped out the customer journey based on your target market research.

But without compelling copy that answers your target market’s hesitations at each decision point, you’ll be left wondering why potential customers aren’t seeing the value your offer brings.

They’ll be stuck at a fork in the trail, unsure which way to go.


Let them be a guide, not an obstacle in the way.

My job is to write copy that connects with your ideal customer, puts their questioning mind at ease, and ultimately gets them up and over the mountain.

I’m here to help your messaging become like a guide for your ideal customer. To lead them up the mountain of decisions. While your product or service should do the heaviest lifting to sell to your ideal customer, your ideal customer doesn’t know what they’re missing out on.

Your messaging should make it simple and easy for your customers to follow the right path to ascend the mountain. And for your business to grow too.

Let me pull up a chair.

Here’s how I’ll partner with you:

Research customer reviews, testimonials, and interviews to get into your ideal customer’s heads.

Clarify your unique value proposition to help your ideal customers understand what you do, why they should care, and what they should do next.

Craft copy that is clear, compelling, and actionable. I’ll partner with you to help you stand out.

Test for results. We’ll give strategy-backed suggestions on measuring our work so you know whether you’d like to keep working with us.

Ready to start?

Let’s help your business turn Leads into Customers and Customers into a stream of Referrals for your business. We trim the excess so your customers read messaging that makes them want to adventure with you.

I’ll craft copy to help the right customers take the right next step on the journey.

Ok mountain man, how exactly can you help me?

Grow your Pipeline of Ideal Clients, Projects, and Team Members.

Want to free up more time to focus on growing your business? I’m here for you.

Some other ways I can help.

Do you specialize in a specific industry?

In a word, yes.

My focus is on the construction trades industry because it’s a world I know and love. But more than a particular industry, I love to help business owners succeed and grow. To help you decide if I’m a good fit, you can go here to learn more about me and some of my experiences.

So whether you’re a home services business, men’s clothing store, non-profit, SaaS, physiotherapist clinic, dentist, or sports adventure outfit, I can write for you.

I won’t say yes to everyone, but it’s generally worth reaching out if you’re looking for website copy, landing page copy, email copy, or case studies. I love learning about different industries.

I’ll dive into your unique value prop, positioning, and target audience to write compelling copy you can be proud of. And moves the needle in your business.

“I’m Forever on Your Side.”

Lyrics from one of my favourite bands (NeedToBreathe) and how I look at working WITH you.
Plus less touchy-feely reasons to consider before working together.

  1. Industry Experience – 7+ years of experience in the construction industry
  2. Marketing Chops – 4+ years in Marketing for a sport related non-profit
  3. Results – Email, Direct Mail, and Giving Landing page copy experience for major fundraising campaigns that have generated over $600,000 in 6 years
  4. Roots – German efficiency mixed with Brazilian samba – One side of my German family lived in Brazil for 2 generations before immigrating to Canada.
  5. Mission – I love a good mystery but more importantly, solving it. Because I want to help you win.

Want to free up more time to focus on growing your business? I’m here for you.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Hey. I’m Andrew. A detailed son of a carpenter (and former carpenter) who genuinely wants to see you win.

Four quick things to get acquainted. I’m into:
– words
– problem-solving
– being in the great outdoors
– and playing fußball (that’s soccer in German)

I can help describe who you are, what you do, and what makes you the best choice for your ideal client. I’ll help you communicate with clarity.