My Story

From Trades to Copywriting and Marketing.

From working 9+ years in the finish carpentry trade, I’ve developed an appreciation for details, form, and function.

Growing up, my dad worked long hours in his shop or on job sites to get jobs done and to provide. By 8th grade, I was working with him most of summer vacation and after graduating high school, I worked with him full-time. The experience shaped me. It taught me to pay attention to detail, make a project look great, AND how to make stuff that practically worked.

And that’s exactly my approach to marketing strategy and copywriting. Behind every word, behind every decision, there is purpose.

My world post-college was marketing. So it was a natural fit to help business owners in construction and other industries attract more of their ideal customers and projects with a tailored marketing strategy and copywriting.

If you want your business to come across as more natural and less robotic – you’re in the right place.

Our Approach​

Working with Me

You’re saying “yes” to

  • Feeling calm with clear deliverables
  • Being in the know with scheduled updates
  • Copy in your hands on your computer screen by the deadline or earlier
  • Control over the process with set opportunities for feedback and edits

You’re saying “no” to

  • An unprofessional site with sloppy copy
  • Confused customers from unclear value propositions
  • Wasted time trying to do everything on your own
  • Unfocused brand messaging
Get Extra Acquainted

Equal parts sit and sip by the ocean and sweat and slog up a mountain.

I’m easy-going which means I’ll help you to feel at ease working together. But I don’t shy away from hard work.

Being the son of a trade business owner, I’m used to working until the job gets done. Plus I’m a German-heritage Mennonite (refugees in South America and then to Canada), which means we were born working. 

Mix that with a competitive streak from playing soccer, volleyball, and basketball and well, let’s just say I expect to see results.

Mountains + Oceans are my scene. Vancouver is where I grew up. Ontario is my current home.


Me. My wife will consult on editing and design. And occasionally, I’ll outsource to other freelancers for certain skill sets I don’t have.

Andrew Warkentin

Copy Guy

Emily Warkentin

Design Gal

Let’s get up the mountain together.

Here are some of the journeys we can take together. Better yet. We can chat about a package or campaign strategy to see if that’s a better fit.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Voice
  • Tone
  • Voice of Customer Research


  • Website Copywriting
  • Email Copywriting
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Local SEO
  • Content Marketing

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Hey. I’m Andrew. A detailed son of a carpenter (and former carpenter) who genuinely wants to see you win.

If you’re still not sure if I’m a good fit, feel free to reach out.